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Emi HIRAI Artist Profile
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born in Yamaga, Kumamoto, Japan


London Guildhall University( London Metropolitan University ), 
majored in Art and Design (Printmaking)


London Kensington & Chelsea College, Printmaking Course


One-man show "Sounds of Ancient Colors" at Click Workshop B (Tokyo)


One-man show "Moon Night Cross" (Yamaga Hirai Emi Printing Studio)


Group show "Sounds of Ancient Colors" at Osaka Merchant Ship (Fukuoka)


Two Men Show "SERAFINO" (Yamaga, MOON ART Gallery)

2002 Two Men Show "L'ART Decoratif iDecorative ARTj" iMOON ART Galleryj
Two Men Show "La Strada (Street, Memories from Europe)"i MOON ART Galleryj
Two Men Show "La Bella Vista (Beautiful View)" ( MOON ART Galleryj
Two Men Show  "FESTEVOLE (Festival)" ( MOON ART Galleryj
2003 Two Men Show "fratello Sole, sorella Luna (Brother Sun, Sister Moon!)"
MOON ART Galleryj
Two Men Show "Le STELLE in Cielo (Stars from the Sky) ( MOON ART Gallery)
Two Men Show "La Gioia  (with my pleasure)" (MOON ART Galleryj
Two Men Show "Flori  (Flower Flower Flower)" ( MOON ART Galleryj
2004 Two Men Show "Storiare (Story)" iMOON ART Galleryj
Two Men Show "PACE e BENE (Peace & Goods)" i MOON ART Galleryj
Two Men Show "MEDIEVALE@(Medieval)" iMOON ART Galleryj
Two Men Show "Illuminante@(Illumination)" i MOON ART Galleryj
2005 Two Men Show "Con Te Partiro (Depart with you)" i MOON ART Galleryj
Two Men Show "La Gaia@iJoy - the word by Dantej" iMOON ART Galleryj
Two Men Show "piaceri@iMy favorites |the word by DantejviMOON ART Galleryj
Two Men Show "fattore@iCreature |the word by DantejviMOON ART Galleryj
2006 Two Men Show "cielico@iCeilingsjviMOON ART Galleryj
Two Men Show "Rinasceremo (Renaissance)v iMOON ART Galleryj
Two Men Show "Preghiera Semplice (Simple Pray)v iMOON ART Galleryj
Two Men Show "Ascensa della Immaginata (Steps in Imaginations)v i MOON ART Galleryj
2007 Two Men Show "mondizia (innocence)" i Galleria ASSISIj
Two Men Show "nobile elemento (noble element)" i Galleria ASSISIj
Solo Exhibition "Viaggio del Medioevo (Street for Medieval)"
organized Tekisuiken Cultural Foundation
( (Kashiwa, Terashima Culture Center)
Two Men Show "levatione (elevation)" iGalleria ASSISIj
Two Men Show "tutto serafico (like seraphim)" i Galleria ASSISIj
2008 Two Men Show "Salire al Cielo iUp to the Heavenj" iGalleria ASSISIj
Two Men Show "la purezza di cuore ( purity from the heart) iGalleria ASSISIj
Two Men Show "la santa allegrezza iSaintry Liveliness j" iGalleria ASSISIj
Two Men Show "frutto dell'umilta imodest fruitj"iGalleria ASSISIj
Two Men Show "la perfetta letizia iperfect joyj"iGalleria ASSISIj
2009 Two Men Show "ama veramente la creatura ivery much loves of  the creationsj"               iGalleria ASSISIj
Two Men Show "Cecco -Francesco- iCecco -Francisj" iGalleria ASSISIj
Two Men Show "Speranza Certa i Certain Hopej"iGalleria ASSISIj
Two Men Show "Carita Perfetta i Perfect Charityj"iGalleria ASSISIj
2010 Two Men Show "umilta profondaiDeep Humilityj" iGalleria ASSISIj
Two Men Show "nell'abisso della sua divinitai in deep of the his divinity j"iGalleria ASSISIj
Two Men Show "come nuvola di Spiritoilike a stainless spiritj" iGalleria ASSISIj
2011 Two Men Show "rapito in estase(be enraptured in deep)"iGalleria ASSISIj
Two Men Show "consentendo volontieri iconsent voluntaryj" iGalleria ASSISIj
2012 Two Men Show "SospesaiSuspendj" iGalleria ASSISIj
Two Men Show "cose temporali itemporal thingsj"iGalleria ASSISIj
Two Men Show "intendevolemente iintelligiblej"iGalleria ASSISIj
2013  Two Men Show "Sursum Cordaiabove the heartj"iGalleria ASSISIj
Two Men Show "la Noble Preda ithe noble prizej"iGalleria ASSISIj
2014 Two Men Show "ierarchio ilike an angelj"iGalleria ASSISIj
Two Men Show " rinunziarono al mondo irenounce of the worldj"iGalleria ASSISIj
2015 Two Men Show " volitoiflyingj"iGalleria ASSISIj
  Two Men Show " risentendosi (awake) "iGalleria ASSISIj

Emi HIRAI was born in Yamaga City, Kumamoto, Japan in 1964.  She spent her childhood in Yamaga until she was 15, and graduated from Kyushu Jyogakuin High School and Fukuoka Women's College.  Then, she worked as a banker in Kumamoto for 4 years.  In June 1988, she quitted her job and went to Brighton in the UK for studying English for half a year, then went to London.  There, she was very attracted by European antique jewelries.  From 1990, she took a course of Art & Design in London Guildhall University, majored in Printmaking.  During she was an art student, she worked for a gallery, a travel agent, and taught Japanese language for business men.  In 1993, she prepared her portfolio as a printmaking artist in London Kensington & Chelsea College.  During this period, she found her color very Japanese into her work, and she came back to Japan, in order to learn Japanese painting Nihonga technique.  She continued to work on her self project related to nature at Printmaking studio in Machida International Print Museum, and working in a public relations department at a foreign affiliated company in Tokyo.   Together with her printmaking work, she started to try harmonizing printing with Nihonga materials such as iwaenogu pigment, nikawa medium and washi papers.  In September 1999, she turned to a professional artist concentrating on her printing work.  In April 21, 1999, she established her own printmaking studio and gallery in her home town, Yamaga City, Kumamoto.  October 10, 2001, the printmaking studio was changed to "MOON ART Gallery" with an oil painting artist, MORITA Kimihiro.  She was firstly attracted by Japanese Nature, and human figures, but now she likes to work more on definite shapes and landscapes rather than abstract images from her mind.  She is now interested in ancient and Romanesque churches in Europe.  In 2007, the gallery moved to Chiba, near Tokyo, named "Galleria ASSISI.. From 2009, she teaches woodcut printing in Reitaku Campus Plaza in Kashiwa city.

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Watercolor Sketche E2006-34
"S. Maria Maggiore dalla Via Porta Moiano, Assisi"
hair salon "amusette"




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